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Today's contracts are won or lost by very small margins. Benefits By Choice recognizes the unique challenges Contractors face when trying to comply with Health and Welfare requirements. Our experience working with the knowledge required to help clients win and maintain awards (Service Contract Act, Davis-Bacon, and Trade Associations). We understand the contractual obligations in creating and managing bona fide employee benefit plans. 

Whether you are just starting to bid on contracts or have years of experience, we work to maximize your profit. We accomplish this by offering H&W employee benefits solutions that meet/exceed employee needs. Our services provide group health insurance for independent contractors at no additional cost to contractors. All benefit offerings are paid for as part of the H&W rate.

We are confident the additional services provided by BBC will be well received. Our entire service portfolio will enable your company to also enjoy world-class Human Resources, Compliance and Communications. All without the associated overhead.

Our Services Include:

  1. Complete Review of Contract H&W Requirements
  2. Conduct RFP for all Benefit and Service
  3. Decision support and consultation
  4. Complete Administrative Support and Service Including:

  • Custom insurance products
  • Benefit Administration
  • H&W (Hour Tracking)
  • Human Resource Support
  • Compliance Review
  • Compliance Reports
  • Compliance Database

The BBC Difference

Choosing the right partner can be the difference between winning, losing and maintaining contracts. Before you make any decisions regarding Health and Welfare or administrative issues, give us a call. At Benefits By Choice, we are committed to helping independent contractors operate efficiently and profitably. 

If you currently have a plan in place, call BBC for a no obligation strategy review and health insurance quotes. We are here to ensure your H&W contracts are in compliance and maintained. Let us help you mitigate the risk and penalties of the ACA's changing regulations, DOL and ERISA Audit. 

Man choosing compliance from list of choices.
Man choosing compliance from list of choices.

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